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Which style of eyelash packaging box is good?

People put on false eyelashes in their make-up, that is, they also apply false eyelashes to modify the eyes in daily life. Many people's own eyelashes are not good enough, and the length of the eyelashes is not satisfactory. To achieve good results, only the false eyelashes can be attached. Nowadays, various styles of false eyelash products are packaged in eyelashes box. The purchase of false eyelashes can be accompanied by a box.

eyelashes box
The box is used to store false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are taken out of the box. When the makeup is removed, the false eyelashes after the glue is removed are naturally put back into the box, which prevents the false eyelashes from being lost. Management. False eyelashes can be used multiple times, and the period of use will be longer as long as they are properly stored. There are special packaging boxes to store false eyelashes, all kinds of styles, which style of packaging is better? According to the shape, there are several kinds of circular packaging boxes, rectangular packaging boxes, and triangular packaging boxes. Generally, circular eyelashes box are preferred. Of course, other styles of packaging boxes are also good, and which ones to use depends on which ones to use. Personal preferences. Everyone's preferences are different, and it is normal to choose the appropriate package style.
eyelashes box
Which is better when the transparent box is compared with the color box? Some prefer a transparent box to store false eyelashes. You can see the false eyelashes in the box directly through the package so that this will not be confused with other cosmetics. Of course, if you want to show the grade, it is still a non-transparent package that is good for external color packaging, and will not easily reveal the information in the box. Which style of eyelashes box is more ideal to use? Everyone has different ideas and preferences. Don't follow the crowd and choose the packaging you like.