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About some of the practices of false eyelashes

I believe that many girls are striving for perfection, the girls all want to be more attractive, so now a lot of girls will always choose a beautiful makeup the way you can use, is currently there are many ways for girls I used, but now you need when making beauty is the need to know a lot of precautions. Only a true learned how to properly carry out beauty so that it can be better to carry out beauty, the girls are now used cosmetics, cosmetic use is now a lot of girls will, but it is currently the choice of cosmetics? Although the cosmetics on the market is very large, the choice of the time, you need to select a suitable cosmetics before they can be better to go to the United States and makeup, you can go to understand the current makeup of the steps, to be in such makeup is also possible for our beauty effect, add some of the beauty. Now the kind of cosmetics is very large, can be said to be a false eyelashes cosmetics, false eyelashes is now possible for a lot of girls use false eyelashes method in use today is also a lot of girls in the use of certain is going the right way to use, so you can achieve the effect is better. But in the present, many of the girls in the use of false eyelashes, and some places are wrong, here to tell you about.

false eyelashes

First, we first look for false eyelashes material stems false eyelashes: False eyelashes hair knotted on main stems of the root, at this stems are generally divided into three materials: are transparent and cotton stalk and stems plastic stems. Transparent Terrier: Terrier in the relatively transparent material like the kind of fishing line, the degree of stealth is also very good, the intensity of support is also good, the painting and the pseudo makeup when the makeup is the first choice of this material stems, suitable for a lot of people. Cotton Terrier: Terrier cotton is currently among the three materials softer more comfortable to wear up a sense of presence is very low. But I must go to draw black eyeliner when you're wearing the false eyelashes, otherwise, it looks is very unnatural. Plastic Terrier: Terrier in plastic material is now of these three, only darker and harder, comfort is relatively low. But this material is more suitable for more eyelid fat, need to rely on some fake eyelashes eyelid stays out of the girl.

false eyelashes

False eyelashes hair: hair, false eyelashes in what is now roughly divided into two types of natural and man-made fibers hair, we usually more common is the type of man-made fibers, which will also cost more. Natural Hair: natural hair, it was only plastic stems false eyelashes, the advantage is relatively realistic hair, soft ~ shortcomings Well, in addition to your real hair is easily destroyed and glue remover water, basic can not be reused. Man-made fibers: This material is our most common false eyelashes, the benefits are obvious, not afraid of repeated remover, can be reused. The drawback is that bad hair easily reflective material part seems to be particularly true.

false eyelashes

Posted false eyelashes steps

1, cut length

This step is trimming must not be missing, do not naive to think that some false eyelashes to buy with their eyes as long as no one else kind of big eyes obediently to trim it, you just need eyes to himself gestures on it, then go to lose the excess length, remember about is the need to cut symmetrical!

2, glue water

When the water in the glue this step appears to be relatively simple, but now also need two steps: 1. Hands false eyelashes have to pinch both ends, gently breaking arc and check it out, so you can more easily fit the curvature of their eyes. 2. uniform and the appropriate amount of glue applied to the root of false eyelashes, attention is not applied in the above, as posted eyelashes are not enough natural. Then put on your eyes, the mirror must be affixed to the more symmetrical can, this is also better able to demonstrate the effect of false eyelashes, are needed when many girls are now posted false eyelashes of observation was possible.

1. currently use false eyelashes eyelash tweezers, pick up your purchase (recommendation is in the middle), and gently placed on the root of the real eyelashes.

2. Gently press to use false eyelashes tweezers, eyelash, first to secure the middle section.

3. After the middle of the eye can also soft reduction of an eye and head actuator docile, attention not true and false eyelashes intermediate voids oh