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Do you know the type of false eyelashes?

I believe that there are no girls who don't love beauty now. There are many ways to love beauty now, and they can make themselves more attractive. There are many girls who know very well about makeup. Now there are many people who choose makeup. Decorate yourself and make yourself more beautiful. Many people also know about cosmetics. There are many cosmetics on the market. There are many kinds of cosmetics, and there are many large brands. I want to be better. If you want to change a dress, you have to choose some better cosmetics, so that you can better help you to make beautiful makeup. I believe that many people now have a lot of understanding of false eyelashes because of makeup. False eyelashes have become a daily use for people. I believe that girls who love beauty are not familiar with false eyelashes, and they have used false eyelashes because the use of false eyelashes is convenient for many people, which can make people's eyes bright and attractive. So many girls use fake eyelashes to dress up their eyes when making makeup. This is also Many girls who want results, you can achieve a perfect result. There are also many types of false eyelashes. Here are some questions about the types of false eyelashes.

false eyelashes

There are a lot of false eyelashes on the market, so you can choose a fake eyelash that suits you. Nowadays, the commonly used false eyelashes are fiber hair, natural water mane, silk protein hair and so on. These are already widely used today and have their own advantages. Let me introduce the fiber hair first. The eyelashes themselves have different materials such as PBT, PET, PVC, etc., which are mainly made of chemical materials. This eyelash can store shape for a long time, through special processing. It is not easy to be deformed, has good chemical resistance, can be customized with different lengths and curls, and is suitable for modeling eyelashes; then animal hair is often used, and common animal hairs are mane, squirrel hair, fox hair, etc. It is very good about the gloss and softness of the hair made by using the hair that has fallen off from the animal and then processing it. However, because they are natural hair materials, they are limited in length, curl, and thickness. In addition to this, because the animal's hair is full of bacteria, it must be purchased in a stricter place to protect our eyes. The next thing to say is silk protein hair. The high-grade silk protein material closest to silk softness is extracted from the snow-white silk spit out from the silkworm and is a pure natural product, smelting. Lashes stock containing silky sheen, softer-than-life eyelashes, but inhibit the growth of bacteria, reduce allergies, etc., other animal hair, not wool than ordinary fiber and the.

false eyelashes

The false eyelashes that are commonly used nowadays are the eyelashes of the mane because this eyelash can be said to be a kind of eyelash with better material in the eyelashes. The advantage of the eyelashes is that it is relatively slender, soft and dense. It is relatively high, and it is more natural to stick it up. Because it is very close to real human hair, the hair is very soft and natural, and the gloss is also very good, so it is difficult to see what is flawed if you don't look carefully. As long as you don't let it stab your eyes and reduce friction, it will be greatly reduced. The phenomenon of allergies, grafting will look more natural. Many people choose to use bristles when they are grafting eyelashes because this has certain advantages. It is also very optimistic when used. After many people use it, the problem is very good. It can be said that now is a relatively high-end eyelash product, the eyelashes of the mane are closer to the real hair, and then the 3D mane eyelashes, which are three-dimensional, very suitable for people performing on the stage, because of the three-dimensional, Therefore, it is very attractive when used. It uses the material of the eyelashes, but it is more practical than the eyelashes. It is very popular.

false eyelashes

Choosing a better eyelash type is very important for our use. Only the fake eyelashes that are suitable for us can better show the effect of eyelashes. Nowadays, many people can't choose the eyelashes that are suitable for them. However, it is now possible to carry out private label eyelashes. At present, many people use private label eyelashes because many people cannot find suitable eyelashes.

Nowadays, there are a lot of eyelashes on the market, you can choose a better eyelash type better, you can also make your eyes change better, and then you can choose more types when you choose. You can better choose the eyelashes you want.