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After eyelash extensions, Can We have facial or perm?

It is recommended that after the eyelash extensions for 24 hours you can have facial, and also ask the beautician to avoid eyelash as much as possible. If you want to use a steam engine, you should get your eyelashes for three days before you get a perm. This will not affect the duration of the lashes.

Within a week after extensions:

Don't have facial in 7 days. Laser, and soak in hot springs.

Cleaning Methods:

Please don't rub your eyes, when removing the eye makeup, please use the oil-free makeup remover (remove the eyeliner with a cotton rod and use a cotton pad to remove eye shadow). The rest of the face makeup can be used to remove makeup oil and avoid touching the lashes, then rinse with soap and soap. And apply face paper or towel to gently press the lashes after washing your face, then rub off the moisture on your lashes.


You can use a plastic eyelash comb (not steel). If the lashes are easy to fall, you can strengthen the application of mascara to keep them tidy. You can use the cotton wand to absorb excess oil from your eyelids at any time. Do not use oil eye cream or eye ointment. Apply normal makeup after lashes (avoid eyeliner rubs the root of eyelash directly). Wear contact lens.

Back-up Suggestions:

After extensions, the eyelashes will fall off with the hair metabolism, it is normal to shed two or five roots a day. According to the density of the inoculation and the degree of falling, and repair it once in 2-3 weeks to maintain the appearance of the lashes and maintain the best condition.

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